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Company & Products Information of TS-Seal Co., Ltd.

Reliable Disaster Protection Products

Excellent Cushioning : Special Elastic Rubber of 3D Netted Structure

Special Features : Explosion Prevention of underground Methane
Perfect Waterproof
Earthquake Resistant
Special Sealing Materials

We, TS-Seal Co., Ltd. have tried hard and developed the cushioning effect and sealing mechanism of joint of sewer lines since our company established in 1997.
TS-Seal have completed 20 years experimental work under the super-vision of many national and local government departments and jacking method specialty companies with their full cooperation.
The method has been adopted for its complete cushioning effect and sealing mechanism at many sewer construction sites, especially those involving poor subsoil conditions or much seepage water, and is highly recommended for joint sealing in connection with the jacking method of sewer construction.
TS-Seal Co., Ltd. will concentrate our energies on higher working precision and the development of new mechanisms in pipe joints, as one of the sewer line construction companies in connection with environmental hygiene.

Hidehiro Tamaki, president of TS-Seal Co., Ltd.

What is TS Seal ?

TS Seal Rubber

Completion of Filling TS Seal to Wide diameter tube Completion of Filling TS Seal to Wide diameter tube

Recently, in order to develop newly emerging centers effectively, installation of large box culverts for underground are becoming much more popular year by year.
So the need for the new-development of perfect waterproofing have been strongly required.
We have successes to develop entirely new tools replacing butyl and sponge rubber.
Those old fashioned rubber could not prevent shear or water leakage at the construction.
Our newly developed TS Seal Rubber consists of Hydroxyl-terminated polybutadiene reacting with Liquid Prepolymer makes 3D netted Elastic body which has very high hydrolytic stability in compare with Polyester Urethane and polyether polyurethane in the chemical constitution.
Thus, TS Seal can maintain extremely long elasticity. Accordingly, you can apply to concrete products which need perfect waterproof, earthquake proofing, flexible cushioning effect, and etc.

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